French Drain Installation Chattanooga TN

Drainage for the rear yard means no more muddy paws for Bruno.

The french drain system along the rear uphill side of the yard catches water from the neighbor’s adjacent lot. A berm below this prevents water from passing into the lower yard. The surface drains work to handle the storm surge to prevent puddling during a rain event. This all works to help the yard dry out so that the dog does not have muddy paws all the time.

Every drainage job is custom.

I see the same problems all over Chattanooga. That said each of our client’s home is different and needs a custom solution. Even is the house is the same design as the neighbor’s the land and soil will still present different advantages and difficulties. In this system there is a 4″ drain line frmo the downspouts and catch basins. There is a separate french drain. This is the perforated pipe 4″ PVC. The perforations are on the bottom of the pipe to prevent sediment or gravel from clogging the pipe while letting water pass through.

Dry out your yard so that you can enjoy it! There’s no reason to delay.

We have been helping clients with their soggy yards in Chattanooga for the the last nine year. This is another happy customer. Please reach out for your free drainage system estimate today.