Any product that is available on the market needs to be maintained at least once a year. No matter how well they function, debris still need to be cleaned off of the roof and usually some debris needs to be cleaned off the guards to ensure their ability to function. Some solid-cover gutter guards will even need to be pressure washed periodically.
In East Tennessee we get almost 50 inches of rain a year, that means for every 1000 sq/ft of roof 35,000 gallons of water runs off your roof each year. Over time, no matter how your home is situated, you will see fascia and siding damage and possible larger foundation issues. A well installed gutter system can effectively evacuate all of the water captured by your roof.
Our recommendation for most home owners in the South East is to have it done at least 2 times a year. This takes place in the spring after the trees have flowered and once in the fall after the leaves fall. Our technicians will assess your home on an individual basis to determine how may recommended cleanings per year you will need. If leaves are a persistent problem on your property, we suggest having our lifetime guaranteed Higher Ground Gutter Protection System installed and that should cut the maintenance schedule in half and guarantee functioning gutters.
Yes. Every downspout is guaranteed to be free of clogs and functioning after we perform your gutter cleaning.
Yes. Higher Ground installs and maintains all of the components in a rainwater system. This includes complete gutter and downspout installation, available in many styles and colors. Be sure to check out our complete list of home services.
Absolutely. Let us know if you would like a quote on this service. It is not included in our standard gutter cleaning, but if you let us know ahead of time we will come prepared to perform this work.
We chose the name Higher Ground for multiple reasons. It encompasses our job description, our spirituality, and the fact that the owners of the company are rock climbers. That is how this company started.
Usually the over flow is caused by a clog in the gutter or downspout, but every Higher Ground gutter cleaning comes with a full inspection of the gutters and roof. If any section seems to be out of pitch we will gladly let you know and help you remedy the problem.
Yes. Sealant degrades over time and can be repaired. However, a leaking corner can be indicative of a larger problem. Our technicians will diagnose your specific issue onsite.
That is usually a sign that the drain lines have collapsed or have a severe clog. We would be happy to get you on the schedule for a full drain line inspection.
Yes. Higher Ground can remove moss from any roof surface.
Yes over time moss and algae will break down the shingle. This can be remedied by cleaning off the moss and algae with our low pressure gentle roof cleaning.
Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on leaving your house looking better than when we arrived. You can rest assured that, when we leave, your gutters will be in full operating condition, your decks and sidewalks will be clear of debris, and your landscaping will not be harmed.
This is a very strong possibility. The first place to look for any basement moisture problem is up at your gutters. Your downspout could be dumping water right into your basement. The fix for this is to get your gutters, downspouts, and drain lines back in operable condition. We would be happy to come out, take a look, and give you a free estimate.
Estimates are free. We can usually provide a price quote over the phone. Some estimates requiring drive time of over 25 minutes may have an estimate fee that can be credited towards your repair or installation. We will inform you of this ahead of time if applicable.
The first time cleaning fee applies to homes and businesses that have not had their gutters cleaned in years, and/or look like box planters in a garden. Our standard first time cleaning fee is $30 for most homes. If you sign up for regularly scheduled cleanings, this fee may be waived.
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It is important that all of these components are in place and in working order. Drip edge should be in place and the gutters should be cleaned.

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