Seamless Guttering Done The Right Way in Chattanooga TN

Seamless guttering is a tough job. Our seamless guttering professionals at Higher Ground of Chattanooga know that the best way to handle a tough job is to make sure it only has to be done once. That is why we go above an beyond to install the sturdiest gutters around.

We have been in business nine years and grown as a company because we have standard installation procedures. The gutter gets a hanger every 24″. While hanging the gutter me make sure that it is falling at the appropriate rate towards the closest downspout. We make sure that the number and size of downspouts are adequate for the roof size flowing into our 6″ seamless gutter.

Higher Ground is not only the best and one of the more affordable guttering companies in Chattanooga. We are also the best rot restoration company. We know that you can not trust a gutter if it’s mounted to a rotten fascia board. Our gutter installation team is comprised of skilled carpenters. Often times when a gutter crew removes the old gutters from a house rot will be found beneath. Most companies would tell you to find a carpenter then they come back when the carpentry work is completed. This is bad news for the homeowner who now doesn’t have gutters on their house and has to scramble to find a good trustworthy carpenter. This situation never unfolds at Higher Ground. We provide our clients with a written change order for the extra work, the carpentry work and painting are performed the same day and the gutters are back on the house before the next rain event.

Our exceptionally talented, trustworthy and dependable team coupled with our fast turnaround time on estimates and our capable office staff makes Higher Ground the best seamless guttering company in Chattanooga Tennessee.

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